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Boeing 737 Max 10 in flight: Sky giant's first test success

Boeing 737 Max 10 in flight: Sky giant’s first test success

Finally some good news about Boeing 737: No crashes, no problems No fines to pay this time, Simply inauguration. We are talking about 737-10, the largest of the Max family, which made its first test flight last Friday from Renton Field (Washington) at 10:07 a.m. local time and landed two and a half hours later, 12:38 p.m., at Boeing Seattle Square.

The American airline wanted to conduct a comprehensive test of the car, from the control and flight systems to the software, aspects that in recent years have been responsible for serious failures Which also took human lives. “The performance of the aircraft was excellent“This is what Jennifer Henderson, a satisfied pilot, said, who had the privilege of piloting a 737-10 for the first time in the world. We are clearly still only at the beginning: The test will continue for months to comeWith the expectation of starting the service from 2023.

Boeing’s will is a will Restoring credibility in the eyes of passengersOf course, but also and above all From the FAA who has been in control for some time more dense The company’s activity and verification of the implementation of all necessary procedures to ensure the highest level of safety. In particular, all requirements Degree Which, once received, will allow Boeing to deliver the giant 737-10 to the first airlines.

737-10 makes it available More space than the current model And, at the same time, it guarantees a Low fuel consumption and the “Better economy per seat than any single aisle plane طائرةHe added, “There are 230 seats for passengers, in addition to it Environmental benefits Including a 14% reduction in carbon emissions and a 50% reduction in noise compared to the current generation 737.

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