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BMW decided, to the delight of enthusiasts: what news, everyone has been waiting for

BMW decided, to the delight of enthusiasts: what news, everyone has been waiting for

BMW made a decision that delighted fans who found themselves able to celebrate. Here’s what was just said.

We are in a phase of huge changes in the world of four wheels, which increasingly ignore electricity. BMW recently introduced the Vision Neue Classe range, or a series of concept cars that will form the basis for tomorrow’s electric cars. It will be dominated by a basic concept, based on a large amount of technology that will be combined with a sober design, without frantically searching for details, but with everything reduced to the essentials.

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This is a different strategy compared to many other brands, but it must be said, at least for now, The path to heat engines is still open. In fact, in the last few hours, a big announcement has arrived from BMW, which allows all-wheel drive enthusiasts and purists to celebrate. Here’s what will happen to the new cars coming soon.

Now BMW fans can truly rejoice

Brands’ interest in electric cars threatens to completely eliminate the world of thermal energy. But BMW decided not to limit its scope in relation to the division M. We’re talking about a car that produces the sportiest, highest-performance cars, which obviously cost more, but have no equal in terms of driving feelings.

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Good, The Munich-based company announced that it will continue producing 6- and 8-cylinder engines for M carsThis contradicts what the company chose Mercedesfrom with the athletic department AMG It decided to downsize its engines. This has been confirmed Frank Van Melor the head of this department who announced that we will continue to use V6 and V8 until we completely switch to zero emissions.

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Guaranteed, BMW has no intention of switching to 3- and 4-cylinder engines, obviously combined with electric motors, but will maintain a higher displacement while remaining connected to the hybrid. The director pointed to the brutal new XM, which has a 4.4-liter electric V8, where the electric motors have a supporting function.

secondo fan mile, Cars of the German company must have a powerful basic engineThe crux of the matter is that we want to aim to release maximum power while still focusing on heat, while electricity still has to be only useful. In this sense, the aforementioned Mercedes takes the opposite approach, while not completely abandoning internal combustion.

In these years, we will see who will prevail between the two historical rivals, which remain among the most popular and appreciated luxury brands of all time. The Bavarian brand has already made it clear that it intends to invest almost everything in zero emissions in the futurebut it is still in the window and is also the basis of the currently low demand for this type of vehicle.