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Black Friday is coming, everyone is crazy about direct shopping


More than a month left until the highly anticipated Black Friday 2021, the shopping event (online and offline) that last year alone led to 1.5 billion euros in purchases, and global sales instead topped $4.8 billion. And NS
Among the novelties of this new version, Livestream Shopping has also arrived in Europe, A phenomenon that this year alone in China brought in $300 billion, an increase of +85% over the previous year. In fact, Livestream Shopping has been growing aggressively in Asia and USA for several years now and is now also spreading in Europe, helping brands and retailers to connect with users through live videos directly on the e-commerce site or in the marketplaces. social channels.

One of the first facts to bring this new type of shopping to Italy is Newborn Marlene, the new B2B marketing platform Livestream It was developed by Flyer Tech, an innovative SME that specializes in digital advertising and is already a transaction originator. As November approaches Black Friday, this opens up a season full of opportunities for shops. s.

To understand how live streaming affects sales this season, just see To China where the event, and the buying race that defines it, awaits, Singles’ Day. The festival, launched by Alibaba, and held every year on November 11, is today one of the main business events in the country, compared to Black Friday in the United States and other Western countries. And for several years now, live broadcasts have boosted sales on the occasion.

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In 2020, a pre-sale campaign on Ailibaba’s Taobao live-streaming platform generated $7.5 billion in the first 30 minutes., which represents a 400% increase in sales compared to the same period in the previous year. Every year, during Singles Day, many streamers and influencers use this channel to sell online, and they score impressive numbers in terms of views and conversions. During the Singles’ Day 2019 live broadcast, Streamer Viya Huang has sold more than 3 billion yuan worth of products (about 400 million euros). In the same year, in a live broadcast with Viya on the occasion of the launch of her perfume in China, influencer Kim Kardashian reached 13 million users and sold 150,000 bottles of perfume. On the first night of Festival 2020, Austin Lee’s streaming device reached 140 million users and sold 10 million products worth nearly 4 billion yuan.

For stores preparing for Black Friday, Focusing on live broadcasting is an excellent opportunity to grow your customer base and sales by creating shopping offerings that are able to entertain and engage the audience,” explains Mariana Chilaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Marlene and Transactionale, as well as President and Founder of 4eCom, the digital solutions association in the e-commerce world.

“The success of Livestream Shopping in China and the extraordinary numbers that Singles’ Day has got – he continues – are so A clear sign of how to sell today, it is essential to create immersive experiences and grow a large and loyal store community“.” An element – adds Chillau – is achieved only by cultivating valuable relationships with and communicating directly with an individual’s user base, which is exactly what Livestream Shopping aims to achieve, adding a third dimension to online shopping. We can also call it the human side of e-commerce.”

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