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Auto Tax 2022 Deadline: How and When to Pay

Auto Tax 2022 Deadline: How and When to Pay

Vehicle Tax: By January 31, motorists who have seen their vehicle tax expire in December 2022 will have to pay the amount due for renewal through one of the available channels. Let’s see in detail how the payment is made and who is exempt, on the other hand.

the January 31, 2023 It coincides with the last date to pay the amount owed to Vehicle tax renewal 2022. Specifically, people who saw their car tax expire last December are required to pay.

In the following article we see the details and how to proceed with the payment.

Auto tax 2022: latest renewal by January 31

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topics that it is The vehicle tax expired in December 2022 They even have January 31 to renewAccording to the collection mechanism, which provides for payment on the last day of the month following the expiration date.

Car tax renewal: how to pay

under everything channels Through which the car tax can be paid:

  • Poste Italiane, by paying online at the counter or through other available channels;
  • ICA delegations;
  • Sermetra Agencies
  • mony ports
  • Lottomatic points of sale
  • Other approved vehicle practice agencies located in the area (eg Isaco, PTAvant, Stanet, Agenzia Italia Net Service, etc.);
    Banks and other operators committed to the PSP initiative through the channels you make available to them (home banking services, bank branches, Mooney sales points, smartphone and tablet applications, stores, etc.);
  • Through pagoBollo online, ACI’s online service called Bollonet. This possibility is expected in all regions except Calabria and Veneto.
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a month ago February, Remember, the car tax renewal ended after January 1, 2023 and has started.

Car tax 2023: Who is exempt?

Disabled parking

All below Categories Who can benefit fromExemption from paying car tax:

  • affected subjects Disabilities:
  • disabled people with severely limited walking ability or who have had multiple amputations;
  • disabled people with reduced or impaired motor skills;
  • blind and/or deaf;
  • People with psychiatric or mental disabilities recognizing the Carer Allowance.

The 2023 auto tax is also not due:

  • In case theft vehicle on complaint;
  • In case a discount the car (the person selling the car does not have to pay stamp duty, if it expires after the deed of sale or donation has been copied to the PRA);
  • In case radiation for the car;
  • In case Giving up the inheritance of the car By copying to the PRA (in this case, you do not have to pay stamp duty for the deceased person’s car in a row).