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Australia's first room-temperature quantum computer

Australia’s first room-temperature quantum computer

Quantum computers represent the future and will allow you to perform calculations at a speed that cannot be reached by “classical” computers. However, at the moment, we are only at the beginning of this technology, and one of the biggest problems that designers will have to solve over the next few years will undoubtedly be the problem of heat dissipation caused by these devices. An important result was recently achieved by the Australian startup quantum brilliancewhich in Supercomputing Research Center From باFoot The world’s first quantum computer capable of operating at room temperature which can also be installed in a modular rack system.

The product to be used in Cytonexsupercomputer HPE Cray Ex From باspecific hires nitrogen vacancy (Nevada) in synthetic diamond Instead of the more common ion chains or silicon quantum dots. Nitrogen vacancies are equivalent to defects in the structure of diamond, which has a photoluminescence ability that allows the spin states of qubits to be read based on the properties of the emitted light, without interacting with them directly. To address the latter, it is possible to use various technologies, such as electromagnetic fields or microwave radiation.

Image source: quantum brilliance

Andrew HorsleyQuantum Brilliance CEO said:

Our vision is to move quantum from the mainframe into the mainstream, i.e. make it work on mobile phones, cars, work platforms or anywhere else close to an application where it is needed. This cooperation is our first step towards achieving this goal.

Mark StecklesCEO of Pawsey Corporation, added:

The partnership between Pawsey and Quantum Brilliance will play a pivotal role in demonstrating how classical quantum computations can be delivered in a way never seen before in the HPC environment. This will provide a testing base where real-world applications can be demonstrated, so that our researchers can work more effectively, enabling science to accelerate discoveries.

This is certainly an important step forward in making quantum computers affordable for everyone. For now, we just have to wait for more news about it.

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