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"Voters not tallied": Fraud alert abroad

“Voters not tallied”: Fraud alert abroad

September 25 is almost upon us and Italians are being called to the polls. But for Italians abroad, September 25 has already arrived. The six million compatriots registered in AIRE, the register of Italians living in the four regions of Europe, North America, South America, Asia Africa and Oceania, can now vote for candidates. Foreign Block. They get the election envelope at home and once they fill the form, they have to send it to the nearest consulate in a prepaid envelope by post. Here he must arrive by 4pm on September 22: three days before Italy votes on Sunday.

According to his statement AdnKronosHowever, center-right leaders of the House in North and Central America Andrea Di Giuseppe Recently his lawyer, lawyer Romolo Repova, filed a complaint with the Rome public prosecutor.

in’Exposed Despite the deaths, the North American division is talking about tens of thousands of people on the electoral roll. Di Giuseppe is rightly afraid“In their name, there are third parties who exercise the right to vote”.

So, attention should be paid Voting system With correspondence to Italians abroad, a method that had already proven its weakness over time. The problem is that this method cannot fully guarantee that the right to vote is actually exercised by the voter and not by the recipient of the envelope. This envelope can, in fact, be collected by a family member, for example.

So, Di Giuseppe points the finger at the non-entity Credibility The overseas section lists North and Central America and analyzes its composition. “Out of a total of 437,802 names on the list“, explain in the report,”124,576 voters would be over 70, so more than 28% of the Italian population living in Airi is over 70, but logic suggests that this number is unrealistic.“.

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With Istat data in hand, the center-right candidate continued, “Italians century people Of a total population of 58,983,122, there were 17,156 living on January 1, 2021. This data means that the number of centenarians is equal to 0.00029% of the total population. Conversely, 2,218 centuries out of 437,802 names represents a percentage of 0.00500%, which is clearly implausible and therefore, represents an unrealistic number.“.

The Italians recordedAir (registration of Italians living abroad), asserts Di Giuseppe, about 5,600,000. 1,550,000 people over the age of 70 must live abroad, with over 28% of the over 70s appearing on the electoral roll. However, INPS reports on its website that it pays 714,000 pensions, of which 20.9% are in North America and 19.3% in the United States. The accounts do not include about 150,000 individuals in North America who appear to be receiving pensions.

Therefore, Di Giuseppe is asking the attorney to make the appropriate payments along with his complaint InvestigationsTo ensure proper conduct of Italian political elections abroad.