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Attacked by a Tosano customer, on trial for injuries

Attacked by a Tosano customer, on trial for injuries

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The person who was attacked in the hospital ended up with a 30-day prognosis while violent agent Cristiano Morelli, known for his various justice problems, is on trial.

Cortaton. After a normal discussion of priority at the supermarket exit, the aggression began as unexpected as it was violent. Kick in the thigh and punch in the face. The victim ends up in the hospital with an expected 30-day course of illness, while the violent client, Cristiano Morelli, known for various problems with the law, is on trial for injuries.

On March 4, before Judge Gilberto Casari, the witnesses requested by the Prosecutor were heard, while at the next hearing, scheduled for April 22, it will be the role of the defense. The episode took place in 2018 in front of the Tosano supermarket in Kertaton. Morelli, known for his other violent incidents, argued with another Tosano client about who arrived first at checkout.

A dispute like many others, which no one presented foreshadowed what would happen soon after. Immediately after passing the vaults, according to the prosecution, represented by Elena Pacioni at yesterday’s hearing, Morelli allegedly attacked the unfortunate: first he insulted him, then moved from words and profanity to deeds. He hit the “enemy” with a sharp kick in the thigh and then punched him in the face, causing the nasal septum to break.

The man, in shock and pain, was hospitalized and discharged after treatment with an expected course of illness for a month. Given the attractiveness, Morelli was denounced ex officio.

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