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NASA wants to use a body scanner to create custom spacesuits

Three years ago, it was NASA I had to postpone The first women’s walk in space Due to an unexpected inconvenience: Lack of space suits of the right size. It was the astronaut who raised the issue Anne McClain who realized that they needed a smaller configuration than originally planned – as microgravity could affect the length of an object. But, although the space program provides interchangeable parts to adapt to each astronaut’s architecture, replacing a necessary part can take up to 12 hours of work, compromising the mission and highlighting the The problem of standardizing space suits – stayed 70’s projects company It is developed around the average male build. In short, we have practically stuck to the design of the spacesuits that accompanied astronauts on the last walk on the moon 50 years ago.


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But now that NASA is focused on the moon again – with the goal of building the right moon Moon base Which will serve as a springboard to bring the man Mars – The US Agency wants Redesign the astronaut’s suit. after The latest postponement due to budget cutsthe space agency wants to decapitate the bull by focusing on a more experimental system to find the perfect solution: a Body scanner that produces custom spacesuits. This concept comes from an idea Bonnie Dunbarprofessor of aeronautical engineering at Texas A&M University and a former NASA astronaut: Using digital scans to analyze an astronaut’s physique, it will be possible to print the perfect spacesuit, also suitable for Mars. Dunbar believes the system can quickly produce spacesuits that fit every crew member In any attractive environment With the great advantage of being able to be produced, modified and repaired during space travel.

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