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Artemis Launch: On a mission to the Moon

Artemis Launch: On a mission to the Moon

On this page you can follow all the updates of the mission launch ArtemisGiant Rocket Space launch system (98 meters high!) It will bring the Orion capsule (unmanned in this case) into orbit around the Moon.

Updated at 7:47 AM on November 16, 2022: he goes! The SLS rocket and its Orion capsule launched towards the moon!

Updated at 7:38 on November 16, 2022: All checks carried out are compatible with the launch, there are no obstacles to the launch, the weather conditions are suitable, the countdown has resumed and the launch is now scheduled for 7:47 Italian time.

Updated at 7:04 on November 16, 2022: Teams have extended the expected wait by 30 minutes and mission managers must set a new launch time. Fixed an issue that caused the radar location signal to be lost. Tests are now being conducted to ensure communication and tracking of the rocket and spacecraft.

Updated at 6:30 on November 16, 2022: countdown still stopped at -10′. Thus, the launch will be delayed compared to when the launch window starts, which runs from 7:04 to 9:04 today, Wednesday, November 16th.

Updated at 6:30 on November 16, 2022: The countdown was paused at -10 minutes, as scheduled, for some checks.

Update at 6:10 On November 16, 2022: Technicians reported that they found good data, and the leak did not recur. Liquid hydrogen rapid fill operations have resumed. Engineers also monitor signal loss from the radar site needed for a launch. The band tries to fix the problem while still running operations.

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Updated at 5:10 a.m. on November 16, 2022: Technicians tightened some screws to resolve a problem with a valve used to supply liquid hydrogen to the center stage, which showed a leak. The launch team will check the valves to determine if the leak has resolved and resume launch countdowns.

Update at 4:15 on November 16, 2022: The flow of liquid hydrogen to the core stage was suspended due to a small leak in the hydrogen valve inside the mobile launcher. A team of technicians, called the “Red Crew,” went to the panel to make sure all connections and valves were still tight. The valve is located at the base of the portable actuator.

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A few hours ago, the Artemis I mission management team gave the go-ahead for refueling operations, which on previous occasions had caused problems that had caused launch delays. Weather conditions remain 90% favorable at the start of the launch window.

Artemis launch manager Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has given the “green light” to begin regular fuel loading into the Space Launch System rocket. Download starts with just chill From the liquid oxygen transmission line in the central stage. Engineers have begun the slow loading phase of supercooled liquid oxygen into the core stage of a Space Launch System rocket. Here you will find everything Details of the engine preparation stages.