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Are Sanchez’s days numbered?  “The secret amnesty agreement will be taken care of by Europe.”

Are Sanchez’s days numbered? “The secret amnesty agreement will be taken care of by Europe.”

for every Pedro Sanchez It gets bad. The outgoing Prime Minister was at the center of the storm for weeks after receiving Parliament’s confidence on November 16. like? Granting pardon to the Catalan independents in exchange for their support. “The bad news for Sanchez is that this won’t work for him, and it won’t be free,” he says now. Alberto Nunez Viejo. The leader of the People’s Party (PP) has warned the head of the Spanish government that the European Union will be “essential” to stopping the amnesty law agreed by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) with Catalan independence groups.

According to him, “in the European Union They take the rule of law seriously From the member states, they know that judicial rulings must be respected and that politicians do not have the power to leave them without influence.” And again, during a public event: “The Sánchez agreement was signed with the separatists to buy the EU presidency. Government in exchange for judicial impunity.” For this reason, the PP will request the formation of an investigative committee to find out “absolutely everything” about the government’s negotiations in Geneva with the former Catalan president. Carles PuigdemontBecause “the country’s interests cannot be negotiated in secret.”

But the warning seems to escape Sanchez. Therefore, in his speech to the European Parliament, he supported the agreement, explaining that it would promote “the noble goal of coexistence.” “The situation today in Catalonia is infinitely better than it was in 2017,” he said, then addressed Puigdemont directly. “I would like to say to Mr. Puigdemont that achieving this goal is in our hands, and we must do it through politics, negotiations and the Constitution. I believe that the amnesty law is Important step In the right direction.”

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