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NASA captures footage of Hurricane Ian from the space station.  video

NASA captures footage of Hurricane Ian from the space station. video

Giant white vortex: This is how Ian looks from space, the hurricane threatening Cuba that will soon hit the west coast of Florida. NASA released the video, made by a distinguished observatory: the International Space Station. The island and twenty-four US counties are preparing for the worst.

Cuba in the storm

A tropical storm is approaching Cuba, where strong gusts of winds have already been recorded, especially in the south. The winds are so strong that the National Hurricane Center has updated its forecast. The hurricane moved from Category 1 to Category 2 and then quickly to 3. A shot that adds to the Cubans’ fears. More than 60,000 people will be evacuated, according to reports from La Tribuna de la Habana, a member of the Communist Party’s regional committee. Many were transferred to government facilities, others “self-evacuated”, and found refuge in the homes of relatives or friends. Among the interventions adopted to address the crisis: closing schools, storing 72 cubic meters of wood to support buildings at risk, and supplying 400 tons of agricultural products.

Florida on alert

In Florida, heavy rain is expected on Thursday and Friday, but there is already a high level of alert. Over the weekend, President Biden declared a state of emergency. The ball is then passed to the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA who will coordinate efforts and assistance. In the past few hours, residents of beach resorts like Daytona Beach have filled hundreds of sandbags to secure homes. Supermarkets have been stormed and shelves cleaned, while authorities have set aside supplies of basic necessities. There is talk of about 300 thousand evacuees.

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Ian hits the Artemis mission

NASA also had to review its plans because of Ian. At Cape Canaveral, it was actually necessary to move the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket for the Artemis 1 mission from the launch pad. At the Kennedy Space Center, operations began at dawn. On this occasion, checks will also be carried out on liquid fueling systems in light of the future launch attempt.