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Amazon Prime Day is coming: now it’s official

Amazon Prime Day is coming: now it’s official

Let’s get back to deal with Amazon Prime DayOne of the most anticipated dates by users of this popular e-commerce platform Which is scheduled for 2021 next month.

We remind you that this is an initiative that users especially love AmazonIt allows you to take advantage of promotions, discounts and offers to buy many of the products available on this popular platform.

On the occasion of Amazon Prime Day, which is supposed to last two or three days, the e-commerce giant will be offering thousands of specials on the entire catalog, and they are only intended for customers who have Prime subscriptionThose wishing to benefit from it must register on the platform and subscribe (even for a month only).

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is fast approaching

The exact date of the 2021 edition remains a mystery but Amazon Publish the page dedicated to the initiative, To announce its imminent arrival, and also give users advice to notify them of the chosen date: Those interested can, in fact, ask the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant to keep them informed of the event (Alexa, keep me up-to-date on Prime Day.).

The Amazon team is also keen to remember some of the main reasons why it’s suitable for getting a Prime subscription, such as the ability to take advantage of fast and free shipping on all purchases (even with same-day deliveries) and access to the platform Amazon Prime Video, Which provides users with thousands of movies and TV series (including exclusive products) to watch at no additional cost.

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And again, for music and reading lovers, there are services like Amazon Music e Key reading, Solutions that allow users to more than two million songs and thousands of playlists and radios to listen to in a live broadcast or a selection of e-books that are updated regularly and can be accessed from any device.

Excited to try Amazon Prime Day 2021?