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IO application, citizens receive receipts: what is it?

IO application, citizens receive receipts: what is it?

There are many citizens who have received strange notifications from the IO app in recent days. Here's what it is.

At the service of all Italian citizens,App IO hHe achieved his fame in that era Covid-19as a useful platform to download your own files Green corridor. The platform, in fact, was Designed with the intention of being an access point to services Public administration, to simplify the relationship between users, citizens and companies with administration. The application is downloadable Free From stores and compatible with internal control Department H Android.

IO application: this is the meaning of receipts (Image from ANSA) –

The IO application allows any citizen to do so Use national and local public services directly from your smartphone In a simple, modern and above all safe way. It is a portal that is a suitable channel for anyone Public Administration They can be used to send communications to their users, as well as provide updates and reminders The deadlines Or request payments related to a specific service.

Accessing your personal input and output page is very simple and requires a few steps. Citizen can authenticate securely, Using Spid or electronic ID card. In fact, thanks to this platform, it will not be necessary to register in every public administration service with ever-changing credentials, but rather all public bodies will be able to reach every citizen through Tax ID code.

Received inside IO app: What's happening

In recent days, many citizens have taken notice Sudden appearance of notifications from IO app. This is the new function of the platform, which allows you to receive and store receipts for payments made to the public administration through the platform directly in the application Bagoba. The tax drawer always remains available to the user and can be easily downloaded to your smartphone.

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Citizens of the IO app receive receipts
IO Application Receipts: Citizens' Doubts –

Thanks to this new function, after making a payment via the IO app or any other pagoPA-enabled channel, users will be able to: Easily get a receipt document in PDF format in the app. The payment receipt document sent to the user contains all the necessary information, such as the data of the person who made the payment, and information about practical And information aboutPaid notice.

It adds to the information available to the user as well Transaction identification code, PSP name Who managed the payment and the date and time of the transaction. Moreover, it will be possible at any time to consult with the owner of the debt center, his nameBody of creditors,codeNotice and amount paidAll easily from your device.