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Advertising Poster Reward 2022 equals 100% of expenses: How it works

Advertising Poster Reward: The tax deduction related to the amounts spent in 2021 in the amount of 100% will be recognized. This was reported by the Revenue Agency, specifying that the value of the requests does not exceed the total amount of the allocated resources.

with the Judgment March 21, 2022The revenue agency announced that Posters will be rewarded with an amount equal to 100%. of expenses incurred during the past year, where the value of orders did not exceed the total amount of resources allocated.

Let’s see in the following article what is the latest news contained in the ruling.

Additional advertising posters up to 100%

advertising posters

The Sostegni edict bis Provided that Tax credit for owners of advertising systemsis intended for the publication of posters and similar advertising installations of a commercial nature.

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Specifically, the support consists of a tax credit calculated on expenses incurred as licensing, permit, or advertising display fees.

after Closing the application windowscheduled for March 10 The percentage of tax credit Which applicants will be able to benefit from: the latter will be equal to 100% of costs incurred in 2021since the total number of referred requests did not exceed the total resources allocated.


Highest frontier euro min coins

Instructions for the amount of Additional Advertising Posters Contained in the judgment of the Director of Revenue Agency no. 295258 dated October 29, 2021:

  • For the purpose of complying with the spending limit, it is equal to the maximum amount of tax credit that can be usedAmount due in 2021 by franchise, permission or advertising exhibition feereferred to in the previous communication, multiplied by percentage It is disclosed by providing the Revenue Agency Director, which will be issued by March 21, 2022. This percentage is obtained by comparing the total spending limit, equal to 20 million euros, to the total amount of the fee indicated in the communications. In the event that the above total amount is less than the spending limit, the percentage is equal to 100 percent;
  • To allow the revenue agency to check compliance with the spending limit, the tax credit can be used by recipients exclusively in compensationso that F24 forms in which clearing balances are disclosed in an amount greater than that available to each beneficiary can be disposed of.
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