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Fear, the new numbers relate to the worst case scenario

Fear, the new numbers relate to the worst case scenario

The exposure of Unicredit in Russia is of great importance and many experts fear the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the large Italian bank.

Unicredit is a large and powerful institution, but a strong exposure in Russia risks putting it in extreme difficulty in the event of a state-led default. Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Day by day the default is getting more and more realistic and thus the Unicredit management is trying to limit the damage.

hard way out

In November, the bank led Orcel has initiated the sale of 9.9% of Abh Holdingswhich linked him directly to the control of Alfa Bank, a Russian banking giant, but according to reports from Milano Finanza, the ban on Russia Freeze the procedure.

But this is just one of the many links linking Unicredit to Russia. In recent years, significant investments have been made in the country under the leadership of Vladimir Putin Now Unicredit is trying to distance itself from this country. Indeed, Unicredit expects rather serious consequences for the Russian economy in the current embargo scenario, and therefore recession and even defaults are not excluded. But the problem is being able to determine the impact of Unicredit’s exit from Russia.

stay away from russia

Indeed, executives at the big Italian bank have repeatedly stressed their desire to give up their exposure to the big Asian country. But it is clear that with the blockade and the serious problems that this country is going through, everything becomes much more difficult. It is clear that the task is to suffer the least possible impact from this crisis, and according to the Milano Finanza report, Unicredit executives argue that The worst-case scenario for a Russian abandonment would have an impact of about 7.5 billion. But we are talking about a worst-case scenario because the bank is working hard through all the channels available to it to be able to understand how much and how to reduce Russian exposure in the most sustainable way possible.

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Concern among account holders

But Unicredit account holders wonder if the bank is in danger. The management of UniCredit is managing the Russian crisis in an optimal way to limit the impact of both stagflation and default and is evaluating the most advantageous way to distance itself from the investments that have been made. According to all the reports that have surfaced in recent days, it doesn’t seem that Unicredit’s toughness is in danger And the complicated procedure to get away from the troubled Russian giant does not seem to put the powerful group in real difficulty. It is natural that in such cases There is fearbut so far it does not seem justified.