Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Adani Yahya Sky: “Choose the coach. My goal is to bring football closer to the people”


After announcing his farewell to Sky Sports yesterday evening, Daniel Adani, in a long message posted on social media, spoke about the reasons for his interruption on Pay TV: “…so I will not be part of Sky Sport next season: I was informed by the president on Monday. From the editorial line. Just a phone call. After that Taking note of my choice (“my choice”, his words), everything is lawful and everyone conforms to his conscience, I am anxious, during these nine years, to embrace sincerely to all whom I have known and met and with whom I have cooperated but above all with those who work in silence and in faith Shadow, they are sometimes referred to in broadcast credits and are not always called by their names in the corridors of newsrooms.
I have always believed in the strength of the many and in teamwork, which I have always tried to defend and elevate in the care of preparedness. I’ve lived in the locker room for many years, and I know the basic value of respect and loyalty in order to be credible within a group and then outside, with the people who follow us. I would never negotiate values ​​and freedom. I chose and chose this job, which I put before other professional proposals, and I believe in what I do and its purpose: to say the complexity and magic of football with respect and to think that the real difference makes. In content, it is an essential part of communication. The fans, the fans, an essential component of the entire football movement, those who support the sport, in fact, should be respected with professionalism and passion. Every minute on the air should give people back these ingredients, and nothing else.
Bringing football closer to the people has always been my goal. I will continue to do so, believing in the nobility of the means used.
Hug to all. see you on the way

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