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Tendenza aggiornata per il prossimo Autunno

Accuweather Weather Center announces bad news for autumn in Italy. Details »

Accuweather Weather Center announces bad news for autumn in Italy. the details

Trend updated for next fallI just arrived Latest seasonal offers In light of the coming autumn with special reference to the months October And the November This promise to be full of surprises and ups and downs because of aclimate extremes Which will include Europe and Italy.

According to the latest updates of Central America AccuWeatherAnd the We will not only have to deal with “anomalous heat” in some sectors, an element that is almost no longer newsworthy, but also (and above all) with many Hazards from a hydrogeological point of view.
Two sides of the same coin have one common denominator: Climate change.

there Ads that appear mainly related to a topic Temperatures. For the beginning of autumn Heat values ​​exceeding climatic averages of about +1/2°C are expected Over much of central and southern Europe there is still an area of ​​high pressure, somewhat similar to what happened this summer. So unfortunately it seems to be able to survive the dry period that has characterized the weather in Italy for nearly a year now.

this is “Out of season warmth” It is also reflected in our sea temperature, which records values ​​of About 4/5°C above average Bookmark, after the summer season was nothing short of hot. This will result in a file Greater potential energy (high levels of moisture in the lower atmosphere)or in that the fuel necessary for the development of extreme phenomena.
These conditions, for example, can lead to a sudden autumnal shift in the southern regions of the European chessboard and at the same time to the formation of extreme events, many of which fear such as Medican (or TLC), this is a type of file Mediterranean hurricaneswhich is formed when the warm waters of our seas feed at low pressure and develop their properties from tropical storm. Although often of short duration, the Medicane can bring heavy rains and strong winds of up to 120 km/h.

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according to expectations AccuWeather will be loaned Maximum attention especially in the second part of autumnAnd the let’s say Between the end of October and Novemberbecause of the grave danger posed by flood events. This time of year is often accurate because strong Contradictions which are created between completely different air masses: the latter hot On the one hand and the first cold dash A descent from Northern Europe on the other hand. The history of the recent past is unfortunately rich Events alluvial Suddenly it can cause serious personality problems Hydrogeological How landslidesAnd the torrents and strong My time.
Once again, the Temperatures from our surface water seas that they can provide energy Also necessary to develop hypothesis systems Thunderstorms Who can only be expected after a few days, especially in regards to the trip they are taking.

AccuWeather trend updated this fallAccuWeather trend updated this fall