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A woman from the Casamonica clan who owned a gym gets citizenship income

A woman from the Casamonica clan who owned a gym gets citizenship income

The owner of a gym with a value of 250 thousand euros, he was receiving citizenship income for three years. To receive the transfer of a woman, investigators consider her a prominent member of the Casamonica-Spada clan. This was stated by the carabinieri at the end of a series of requirements checks announced by some citizens receiving citizenship income conducted between January and August this year.

Investigators from Castel Gandolfo examined the situation of 850 workers. It turned out that 26 citizens, 17 of whom were of foreign nationality and 9 of former nationalities, lacked the requirements for the correct payment of citizenship income, which caused damage to the state treasury estimated at 250 thousand euros.

Among them, as mentioned, is a woman from the Casamonica family, residing in the Castelli Romani district. In addition to being the owner of a gym with a commercial value of 250 thousand euros, the same has failed to deliver properties such as a villa, land and high-powered cars, as well as the ownership of commercial activities.

A man with Tunisian citizenship also falsely declared that he was born in Italy and holds Italian citizenship, and two of the beneficiaries continued to receive benefits while they were in prison, after they were subjected to precautionary measures, and many referred to fictitious accommodation, including residence. In the supermarket and in another case in the garage.

Many citizens working “illegally” and some foreigners have incorrectly indicated that they have resided in Italy for at least ten years, the last two of which are continuous.

The investigations were carried out by the military, through investigative synergies with the Carabinieri Labor Inspectorate in Rome and the regional offices of the INPS, under the investigative coordination of the Velletri Prosecutor who verified the requirements for the award by filing several irregularities.

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At the end of the investigations, the Filitri court issued several decisions of preventive seizure for purposes similar to the confiscation of assets, and as the military found the bank accounts to be “empty”, they proceeded to confiscate jewellery, luxury watches, cars and various merchandise. Furniture in the availability of unnecessary patrons.