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A severe weather warning remains in effect tomorrow

A severe weather warning remains in effect tomorrow

Bad weather in Italy is not easy. Tomorrow, Saturday 21st October, many areas will experience thunderstorms, wind and storm surge.


The weather warning for Tuscany has been extended by Civil Defense until Saturday 21 October. Severe thunderstorms, hydrological and hydraulic hazards, strong winds and storm surge will be expected across the region. The disturbance will initially affect the North-Western provinces and then spread to other parts in the evening and tomorrow. Heavy thundershowers are likely. Strong winds are expected from the south, with gusts of 70-90 km/h in central-southern areas, while gusts of 90-100 km/h are possible in the Apennines, with even higher intensity in the highlands.

Tomorrow, Saturday, winds will be 60-70 km/h along the Libeccio coast and Apennine ridges. A very rough sea, raged inland to the north of Capria.


In the next few hours, rain and thunderstorms will continue to affect Liguria, as confirmed by the Orbal bulletin: the yellow warning continues at different times in a part of the region, with a low chance of heavy thunderstorms in the central region tomorrow. East.

“We have passed this critical hour of orange warning without specific damage, but as the yellow warning is currently in force, it is necessary to be on weather alert until this evening – explained Giovanni, President of the Liguria Region. Toti and Civil Protection Councilor Giacomo Giampedrone – First thanks to the Civil Protection, Fire Brigade and At these times, even at night, it goes to all those who were ready to intervene if necessary to monitor the situation. Thinking about the proximity of the French Riviera, which suffered severe damage due to bad weather and suffered a major flood: as the region of Liguria we are ready to provide all the necessary support”.

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A yellow weather warning issued by the Lombardy region’s natural risk monitoring center continues due to the disturbance that also affects Milan. The municipality informs it about warnings of hydrogeological, hydraulic risk, thunderstorms and strong winds.

Palazzo Marino advises not to stand under trees and not to scaffold construction sites, terraces and tents, and stresses that “it is important to ensure the safety of objects and vases on balconies and all artefacts moved by the wind”.

The Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center – commits the municipality – will be active in monitoring the hydrometric level of the Seveso and Lambro rivers and coordinating any interventions in the city.


Campania Civil Protection, we read in a note, “A yellow level weather warning for rain and thunderstorms is valid for the entire region from 6 am tomorrow Saturday 21 October to 6 am Sunday 21 October”. “Sudden and intense, fast-moving thunderstorms associated with hail and lightning. Precipitation will reduce from tomorrow evening. Effects on land such as flooding, increase in hydrometric levels of water bodies, runoff on road surfaces, runoff, material transport, landslides and rockfalls”, we Read more. “Given the presence of possible hail and wind, maximum care is recommended to ensure proper maintenance of structures (including mobile and temporary) and public green areas. Pay attention to the warnings issued by the Regional Civil Defense”, concludes the note.

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