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Accusations on America, Tesla and Autonomous Driving • TAG24

Accusations on America, Tesla and Autonomous Driving • TAG24

It blows bad air Tesla After allegations of omissions to consumers on autonomous driving: California DMV files complaint in state administrative court, where DMV accuses agency Elon Musk Using advertising language that misleads consumers about the characteristics of machines. Tesla denies all allegations.

California DV vs. Tesla: Deceiving Customers About Autonomous Driving

as Los Angeles Times, California DMV lashes out at Tesla over allegations of omissions to customers regarding autonomous driving. Not a minor allegation, enough to warrant a complaint in a state administrative court: In the document, a US newspaper reports, the DMV accuses Elon Musk’s company of using deceptive advertising language to make customers believe things the cars can’t do. , autonomous driving etc. Here is what we read from the complaint:

“Tesla made or disseminated false or misleading claims that were not based on facts: that the cars could not operate as autonomous vehicles” and cannot do so today.

What’s at stake for Elon Musk?

If the court agrees with the California Motor Vehicle Commission on the autonomous driving charges, Tesla could face serious backlash: These could include revoking the licenses that authorize Elon Musk’s company to manufacture or sell its cars in California. The Los Angeles TimesIt also explains how anticipatory measures affect the accuracy of the information the manufacturer has to provide to its customers.

Last June Musk talked about the importance of fully autonomous driving for Tesla, saying that without it the company’s value would be very close to zero. Tesla shares fell 6.63% to close at $864.51 at the close on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.

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