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A more than positive balance for the Society of Amateur Astronomers Spezzini

The year 2022 ends with a more than positive balance sheet for membersSpezzini Amateur Astronomers Associationa partnership born in 1978. Public disclosure activities – attached disclosure director Robert Sione – There was about one week, ranging from general observations in telescopes to conferences, with a wide range of proceedings, beyond the bounds of the National Delegation of the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union (La Spezia and Val di Vara) also held in evenings in Lunigiana and Tuscany. On the search led front Giulio Scarfy The General Assembly concluded with 42 circulars embic NEA confirmation, potentially dangerous objects on Earth, tracked by members of the Iota Scorpii Observatory (Giulio Scarfi and Luigi Sannino) and observers Correggiolo (Sirio Negri) H SN1572 Tycho Observatory La Spezia (Luca Bertagna), 3 light campaigns Minor Planet Bulletin In cooperation with UAI’s Asteroids DivisionAnd measurement and confirmation by the member Robert Zampelli (President of the Lunae Astronomical Society) and the Italian Riccardo Papini from an exoplanet TOI-2196b Cooperation with the international TESS team. He named the sixth and seventh asteroids of the League 58691Luigisanino” And the 69565juliuskarvthe”.

Many of the activities carried out by the co-writer Sabrina Mugnosfrom the presentation of his last two books “Atlante del grande Nord” and “Terra inquieta” in Vercelli, the Sergio Fregoso Civic Media Library, the Turin International Book Fair, the Church of San Gaudenzio, Libriamoci and Peccioli, as well as several public conferences held during the evening (Madonna di Montenero, Castel San Giorgio and Valdelucci Battery) and the numerous TV and radio interviews among which we can mention “Waiting for Colombo” for Swiss TV, Radio Capital and Radio 3 and the lessons at the Scientific High School of Vercelli and La Spezia.

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The association also sponsored two important events, Dante and Cosmology held by prof. Sperello by Serego Alinghierithe world-famous astrophysicist who happened to be in the Sala della Carispezia Foundationthe rooms of which a few months later saw the photo exhibition in the photo exhibition organized by the Foundation “InAttesa Photography and LandsIt also won a Special Project Mention and the first documentary on an astronomical topic to be shown in the stuffProduced by Iranian director Birth of Thangsher.

All of these activities were made possible by Memorandums of Understanding signed during the year with important local realities Chairman’s comments Louis SaninoWhich I would like to thank below for the trust and support that they have not been missing locally: CAI La Spezia, Arcigni, Meteo Spezia, Proloco Biassa, Municipality of Arcola, Proloco del Golfo, Assonautica, Academy of Capellini and national, among which we mention L.‘UNPLI (National Union Pro Loco of Italy) in person George Anthony and theINGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), with reference Maurizio Soldani To build the third ion probe on national territory (the only one in the North) to study space weather on land owned by the Society. This combination will give our association access to scientific data useful for study and research. Another important but international union is the accession to the European project Trails in blue the professor Erica Meone With which our association cooperates in the “Sea of ​​Stars” series of events. Certainly the most important goal of all the members was to take over the management of the Astronomical Observatory Viseggi mountainHaving built it in the 1980’s, we now have 12 years of management to restore it to its 90’s splendor, which we plan to open in the spring. Excellent work has also been done on the light pollution front with two thematic conferences on the subject in the municipalities of Val di Vara (we mention that we are a regional delegation and have an office granted by the municipality of Borghetto di Vara) and Varese Ligure, as well as dozens of reports on incompatible systems, which Given the unfavorable historical period, the environment will also help. Member growth was also phenomenal for the proposed events, and we closed the year with sixty members and many children, showing that astronomy is within everyone’s reach. I also thank all the members from the Steering Committee to the most active during all the evenings, Giampietro Cattoi, Francesco Franchini, Stefano Benaglia, Giovanni Parenti, Roberto Cioni, Giulio Scarfi, Luca Bertagna, Sirio Negri, Mariana Bassani, Simona Mercanti, Glenda Acerbi and Andrea Austi And Ingrid Roncarolo, Chiara Cioni, Loris Martini, Giuseppe Tavaglione and all members of Lunae Astronomical Society Sarzana, Municipal Administration of La Spezia, library services in the personnel of Sara Broschi and Claudia Bocciardi and last but not least the paper newspapers Nazione, Il Secolo XIX and electronic newspapers, Città della Spezia, Gazzetta della Spezia, Liguria Notese, La Spezia News and MeteoWeb for hundreds of articles published during the year“.

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All activities can be followed on the website and on the social media channels Facebook, instagram and Tik TokAstrofilispezzini