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17-year-old tourist threatens Colosseum, jail and maximum fine – News

17-year-old tourist threatens Colosseum, jail and maximum fine – News

17-year-old Swiss tourist jailed and fined up to 15,000 euros Because when he inscribed his initials on the base of the Colosseum, after being filmed, he was reported to have been defaced and defaced of cultural property. The crime she was charged with (Art. 518 of the Penal Code) is punishable by two to five years in prison.

The gesture should be immortalized An Italian tour guide It was he who alerted the surveillance of the archaeological park of the Colosseum, which was called the Carabinieri. The girl, who is on holiday with her family in the capital, was reported after being taken to police headquarters in Piazza Venezia and must also answer for breaching urban police regulations banning smearing. Draw, engrave or compromise the artistic, historical and monumental heritage of the city.

Another similar episode took place a few weeks agoA young tourist of Bulgarian origin living in England drew the ire of the culture minister when he inscribed his name and that of his fiancee on the Flavian Amphitheater.

The video, which ended up on the Internet, created a social storm, along with a related complaint filed by the Barco Colosseo, which inspired investigations by the Carabinieri and ultimately its identification. The complaint process is running its course and the boy faces a maximum fine of at least 15,000 euros and up to five years in prison.

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