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100 Primogems for free thanks to the incorrect description of Raiden Shogun -

100 Primogems for free thanks to the incorrect description of Raiden Shogun –

MiHoYo decided to give as a gift 100 Primogems for all players Jinshin effect, to apologize for mischaracterizing a passive ability of Raiden Shogun, the new playable character introduced with Update 2.1 and obtainable through an event banner currently in progress.

The error in the question relates to the description of the sixth Constellation reward of personality. Specifically, this stated that during the explosion of the elements “Normal, Charged, and Over-attacks reduce the elemental rush of nearby teammates by 1 secondWhile in fact, the patched version instead states that “Raiden Shogun’s attacks that are part of the Elemental Burst reduce the cooldown…” however, it must be said that the bonus worked correctly despite the incorrect description.

In any case, to apologize for this mistake, the developers decided to give 100 Primogems to all players, the currency necessary for expressing “wishes” in the banners. To redeem it, simply log into the game and access internal mailbox, which you will find in the Paimon menu.

If you haven’t already, check out our guide on the Raiden Shogun Emblem, and the best skills and builds. While if you are a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, you may be interested in Genshin Impact’s Guide to Aloy’s Best Skills and Structures.

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