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100% hydrogen turbines: It’s a reality now


The team of researchers from the University of Stavanger in Norway were able to run their small cogeneration plant using hydrogen instead of methane: a true world record.

research teamStavanger University in Norway led by Professor Improver lion created world record in hydrogen combustion with the small gas turbines.

Gas turbines are a heat engine Internal combustion exploits the energy generated by the combustion of fuel and converts it into mechanical work. Norwegian University researchers managed to make their work successful small cogeneration plant Recruit hydrogen instead of methane.

The first gas turbine powered by 100% pure hydrogen

hydrogen molecule

The system developed by the research teamStavanger University in Norway led by Professor Improver lion It is part of the university’s small cogeneration plant which, thanks to methane, produces every day Electricity And the the heat It also takes care of providing Hot water for some buildings. Scientists wanted to gradually shift the energy source from natural gas tohydrogen For a completely zero-emission power source, in mid-May, the micro-turbine began working on 100 percent with hydrogen.

As for the final production, the Mr. Al-Assadi Explain that:

The operating efficiency of gas turbines with hydrogen will be slightly lower. However, the big advantage remains, which is the ability to use the existing infrastructure. Furthermore, there are no CO2 emissions associated with this energy supply.

The research focused on tuning the combustion chamber in collaboration with colleagues from the German Research Center DLR. However, the work necessarily included the adaptation of the fuel supply and distribution system:

Some efforts are needed to ensure that the current gas infrastructure can handle hydrogen instead of natural gas. This is what we focused on.

Scientists now plan to study the plant’s limitations more closely to understand if and how energy production will be increased by returning At the same levels of efficiency as natural gas.

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