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Winter turned into January: an illusion? Let’s see what is true


When high pressure like the one reaching the Mediterranean Sea takes root, it is hard to get rid of it. Especially when the bases are subtropical. That is why, before going into the analysis of what could happen in January, we will have to understand if the weather-climate trend will be able to change sooner.

Because some international computing centers, in the latest versions of the models, give a little less weight to the anti-tornado structure. For any reason? Because the Atlantic turbulence flow will continue to flow near the Alps, limiting the expansion of high pressure towards the core of the old continent.

But will it really be so? we will see. What we have to offer you is certainly more or less good news, even if it must be said that not all data centers agree in this sense. So we have to move slowly, so we have to proceed with caution because until the situation becomes clear it will be difficult to assume seasonal turning points worthy of the name.

For the month of January, have a look at some more news, news related to Polar Vortex dynamics. A powerful vortex, sure, but it could face destabilization. Everything hangs in the balance, it may or may not happen and many of you will wonder what the point of looking so far forward is if forecasting models change from day to day.

The meaning is there and how. Because the atmospheric dynamics we’re trying to describe can change in the blink of an eye. Keep in mind that every year that goes by is like this and for heaven’s sake we’ve had to deal with ridiculous winters lately but it doesn’t have to be like this every time. Having said that, we take note of attempts at change in early January, when high pressure can move into the Atlantic giving room to the cold Arctic currents.

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Or maybe high pressure developed in Scandinavia, which would suck in cold air from Russia. Who knows, the truth is that hopes to see something good have not yet faded. And they won’t adjust until winter is over.

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