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Wind intensification, blast of nearly 100 km/h expected and travel soon. Regions in RISK »

Weather: Intense winds, expected soon to nearly 100 km/h and running. AREAS IN RISK

Wind in reinforcements over ItalyThe weather remains very unstable In Italy Because The passage of the cyclonic vortex that causes a lot of rain and thunderstorms over a large part of our country. Unfortunately, some extreme events such as Floods between Liguria and Piedmontthat occurred at the beginning of the week.
but that is not all. In the Coming days, in addition to other heavy rains, we expect intensification winds This will explode recklessAnd With gusts of up to approximately 100 km/h And with dangers to the locals too storm surges.

Let’s evaluate the situation for a better understanding Areas that will be most at risk.

Our latest official app update confirms toDeepening of the deep low pressure area Near the Tyrrhenian Sea, a depression that would give way to a new phase of bad weather, especially bearable south central regions. In its progress towards the southeast, due to the counterclockwise movement of the currents around the depression minimum, it You will remember the fierce (and cold) winds of the northern quarters.
During Wednesday 6 October We expect a strong boost to Mistral On the Sardinia And on most Tyrrhenian sectors With giveaways up 50/70 km/h with risk storm surges Along the most exposed coasts.
On the Adriatic Sea Regions Instead of that Bora With tips up to 80 km/h especially along The coasts of Veneto and Romania. will be in the end Tramontana to hit Liguria Which exacerbates the feeling of cold even more, especially in the city Genoa.

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A little news too about Coming days: In fact, the cyclonic vortex will tend to go deeper and activate more blowing Tramontana which they will blow It peaks at nearly 100 km/h On the Tyrrhenian and Sardinian coasts. Instead, it will explode Mistral On the western shores of Sicily Based on Calabria With gusts of up to 70 km/h and still there Bora On the upper Adriatic.

Tramuntana, Bora and Mistral winds reach 100 kphTramuntana, Bora and Mistral winds reach 100 kph