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What you see first reveals your true self

What you see first reveals your true self

An interesting personality test lets you know what you’re hiding in your mind with a simple answer: What do you see?

Have you ever wondered if you know someone well? Have you ever discovered aspects of Personal Who is someone you love that you never imagined before? Have you ever been surprised by a behavior you had that you didn’t think was part of your way of understanding life? Certainly in the life of each of us there are occasions when we are surprised by our reaction, our thoughts, or the change in the behavior of someone we thought we knew so well.

The truth is that we can never really know someone, but we also don’t stay the same all the way life. It can happen things that change us drastically, that modify our perception of life and cause us to give up some aspects of our personality to adopt a different approach to social relations. These are normal changes that happen as we grow up, but does our personality change completely or does it just change the way we present ourselves to others? In the same way it is good to ask ourselves whether this change that we have observed in the person we know is the result of something happening to him, has happened to him, or perhaps he may have previously concealed a part of his personality.

In short, it is difficult to determine the character of a person based on the behaviors that he adopts in one context, you need deep knowledge and at the same time certainty that this person is completely open to us. For self-analysis, a lot depends on how introverted we are, and how long it takes to think about our actions and our lives. But even if we spend a lot of time analyzing each behavior, there is a possibility that we try to present ourselves with a comfortable version that makes us feel better.

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Personality test, tell me what you see and I’ll tell you who you are

On the web there are countless personality tests and some try to describe in depth a person’s personality, others his nature, and still others try to describe approach to challenges. Therefore, in many cases, we are faced with ambiguous answers or answers that present only one aspect of our personality. What we propose today is the classic personality test that is based on the observation of a single image and the speed of response. Immediate response is fundamental to the result of this type of test, because what is evaluated is the projection of the image created in our brain. These tests are based on Gestalt psychology (or paradigm), according to which an immediate response we can get an honest version of our thinking, as if our subconscious was the response.


If the first thing you see in this picture is stilts, it could mean that you are someone who tends to stay in your comfort zone. You may spend a lot of time fantasizing and dreaming about how to achieve your goals, but that comes at the cost of the time it takes to actually achieve them. It would be best to distance yourself from safety if you want to have what you want most.


On the other hand, if the first thing you saw was some character in the middle of the stilts, it could mean that you are people who get bored easily and are ready to change your life and habits if the right opportunity presents itself. You don’t like working hard to reach your goals and you don’t like assumptions, you are free spirits.

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