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"You will remain in our hearts."  video

“You will remain in our hearts.” video

From TorontoAnd the Lorenzo Insigne He spoke at a conference where he talked about the season in MLS With the Canadian national team, but also about the personal problems he has had in recent weeks: “It was a transitional season, and I took that into account. Next year will be different“.

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Insigne is touched when he talks about his missing daughter

Insigne: “My wife and I have lost a daughter who will remain in our hearts forever”

So, the most touching moment of the conference: “It is known that I have had personal problems in recent weeks, but perhaps not everyone knows the reasons. So I’ll make it clear: My wife and I have lost a daughter who will forever remain in our hearts. I’m having a lot of trouble talking about this: we have two kids and thanks to them we’re going to try to move forward“.

From Di Natale to Raspadori: The (modern) history of Italy's No. 10

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From Di Natale to Raspadori: The (modern) history of Italy’s No. 10

Ensen: ‘Transition season in Toronto, next year will be different’

Former captain of Naples he completed, On disqualification from the playoffs Because of the last penultimate place in the Eastern League of the 2022 Football League: “This year my Italian buddies and I have reached the current season by more than half. In 2023 we will start together and I am sure we will be able to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves“.

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