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Triumph over space while everyone forgot it

It is often important to think about the most trending news and not be overwhelmed. History mistakes are not always learned and unfortunately a person, even if he cherishes them, forgets. This is what happens with respect to Satellites And rockets sent to the universe. over there China In fact it continues Conquer the space While everyone forgot it. This is not a good sign because it is taking a risk Missing important information Especially primates that are blown under the nose. the problem? Could NASA e Elon Musk With SpaceX That turned the spotlight.

Untroubled China continues its program and will soon make space with Tiangong 3

China continues Space race. His projects are progressing incredibly well with his accuracy and schedule too. This nation has not stopped even if what it does is no longer news.

new Rules on the moon It was built by China and as Elon Musk plans to do so Mars By the man. Meanwhile, it is not just projects that are accomplished but tangible things are being realized in space.

In essence, China, these days, has started prof Building his space station. He makes it around the earth and it’s called Tianjunuj 3 The basis on which you will invade the space. To understand the significance of this event, just think that among these operating structures there is only one station, and that is the International Space Station. In fact, the Russian MIR no longer exists.

Here is the first launch date

When will China launch the first unit Tiangonog 3 station? It actually is Already left yesterday He is now on his way. Most importantly, the remainder will be built from this unit. he is called Tianhe, what do you mean Milky Way. The car that brings it into orbit is The Long March 5 bExtremely powerful missile.

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We know that when it comes to conquests, China is spared no expense. It’s going to be a really cool terminal.