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What is their purpose?

What is their purpose?

WhatsApp introduces two new buttons that help users better organize their communications. Here is their specific function.

As one of the most widely used chat apps in the world, dead It is constantly working on improving WhatsApp and implementing new features. However, some of them tend to clash with existing updates, as evidenced by the introduction of channels, which are now side-by-side with temporary status updates in the dedicated Updates tab.

In its current form, posting a status update from this tab requires users to click either Floating action buttons (FAB) at the bottom right of the screen. However, the impending redesign could make the process simpler, as revealed by the latest Android app beta update it posted WABetaInfo.

There are two buttons on WhatsApp dedicated to updating status

In a bid to improve user experience, WhatsApp has introduced a new layout for status updates: This move is aimed at improving the platform’s user interface.

Currently, the update, which is only available to some beta testers, has been discovered by WABetaInfo Via the latest trial version of WhatsApp for Android Available on Google Play Store. It provides two new buttons in the status update header, in the form of a camera button and a pencil icon.

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The update aims to ensure continuous sharing of content, giving users a better experience on the popular instant messaging application.

On the other hand, options act as shortcuts for users who are allowed to easily share photos, videos, GIFs, and texts as status updates. Therefore, a A more user-friendly way To share different contents, all in line with a more modern interface.

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Clearer layout

Previously, the platform – which is owned by Meta – had two floating buttons for sharing content. However, after introducing the channels, the layout became a bit confusing

The new update comes with built-in icons for camera and Pencil, provide a more consistent layout to ensure a better user experience. However, it should be noted that some users may see a different layout with these shortcuts listed in “Three points“.

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It’s definitely helpful to make some of these essential buttons easier to access. For people who post a large number of status updates every day, having these buttons at the top of the screen seems more convenient and logical.

Since it seems that WhatsApp is also experimenting with other ways to access image and text/audio buttons for status updates, it is not clear whether this version will be available officially and in a stable release.