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Weather Report – A cold front is moving south bringing rain, strong winds and snow at lower elevations.  Situation with photos, video and forecast « 3B Meteo

Weather Report – A cold front is moving south bringing rain, strong winds and snow at lower elevations. Situation with photos, video and forecast « 3B Meteo

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11:00 AM – More snow over the southern Apennines, also in Potenza – Widespread rain further reduces snow levels in southern Campania, Basilicata and Calabria. Further power It is currently snowing heavily. Snow in Puglia too Murke. Accumulation of over 10cm already over 1000m.

Arctic air front It affected the center and north on Friday and has now reached southern parts. Here Cold air It collides with the light current associated with an eddy over the Balearics and produces it Most notable events With a storm background in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. A little more instability persists between Lower Lazio and Abruzzo, while a high pressure field is increasing over other central areas and the entire north, guaranteeing sunshine throughout the day. Most important events till midnight They registered Friuli And on Marche Up to 30mm in the Trieste area and 20/25mm between the provinces of Ancona, Fermo and Maserata. Snow It fell abundantly to lower altitudes in the Eastern Alps, accumulating up to 20cm in height and falling almost to the ground in the Trieste region. Light snow to very low elevations in the western Piedmont as well. up to Hilly heights in Emilia Romagna, with scales averaging from 500/600m but less than 400m. Accumulations are low in height, not more than 5cm. San Marino is also bleached. Heavy snow in the Marseille and Abruzzo Apennines with accumulations of up to 15/20cm above 1000/1200m. from midnight The most important accumulations up to this point Between Campania and Basilicata cheater 50mm in the Salerno area and 35 mm in Potentino. The snow level here is currently between 500 to 800m Heavy snowfall To the mountainous heights of the Apennines, Gargano was whitewashedSnow also in the Avellino area in Montella and others Avelino. Notably I Very strong wind It still affects the Trieste area with wind 100 km per hour in Bora and 80/90km/h winds across the central south.

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Cold wake for northern areas With polar temperatures in the Alps, well -26°C a Livigno-20 Alba Devereau, -20 in Tobiaco, -21 at Villabassa. The ice is also creating difficulties in the northern Apennines and has reached the plains with -5 °C in the Piedmont.

Over time The next few hours Further development in the central regions, rain and rain, thunderstorms with snow up to mountainous heights will continue to affect Campania, Molise, Puglia and Basilicata in Calabria at high altitudes. Rapid deterioration with rain and thunderstorms and snow on the Tyrrhenian side and snow on the mountains. It will improve in Sardinia, but here is the detail for the whole of Italy

Saturday weather in the next hours: NordStable and sunny weather with frosty mist in the morning in the Piedmont plain and some residual cloud cover without events in the Romagna. Center, remaining weak events in the central Adriatic and southern Lazio, snow up to 300/600m in the Apennines. More sun in Tuscany, Umbria and upper Lazio. From late afternoon, further instability will ease with clear or partly cloudy skies everywhere in the evening. Suth, very unsettled or disturbed with widespread showers and occasional thunderstorms in the mornings over peninsular areas and Sardinia. Snow falls in the Apennines up to mountainous heights. From the afternoon improving in Sardinia, Campania, Molise, northern Puglia, worsening in Sicily with rain, thunderstorms and snow in the mountains. Sicily is still unsettled in the evening between Calabria and Salento. temperature Sharply decreasing, maximum and minimum values. Wendy Northern forts between north and north-east. Marie Very rough or rough with storm surge on exposed coasts.

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