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No parking, park the car in front of you and no longer get a fine: the law is approved |  Relief for many in the city

No parking, park the car in front of you and no longer get a fine: the law is approved | Relief for many in the city

The ban on parking and stopping is no longer a problem

Now you can leave your car in front of the prohibition parking lot without worrying about being fined, as the law stipulates. Savior in the city.

The real hell for motorists is the big cities. A typical feature of large cities isCrowded trafficIn some specific areas or cities, it reaches uncontrollable levels and causes inconvenience and frustration for poor drivers. Getting from point A to point B is a huge accomplishment, as it is Find parking.

Paolo Bonacelli also said that Johnny Stichino – In this case, referring to Palermo – the most terrible epidemic affecting man is traffic. Searching for a parking space forces us to walk in continuous circles We waste precious time, fuel and mental energy Just to be able to take care of some business.

Moreover, when we actually find a parking place, we may be attacked by a terrible doubt: Do we risk a fine? Parking lots must clearly comply with a whole series of rules, but in big cities you can see “fancy” stops, invented by impatient motorists.

But there is some good news. The law does not take into account this harassment, and in fact from today If you see a no stopping sign, don't be afraid. You can park your car anyway and stay safe from fines if you carry out specific procedures. The parking nightmare is now a thing of the past.

No more fines

A parking fine and illegal stopping can be really annoying. It may seem like a minor violation, but under various aggravating circumstances, the amount can become two or three times larger than the amount normally expected. Moreover, we may end up a victim of Forced removal of the vehicle.

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The basic financial penalty goes From 42 to 173 eurosbut it is possible to reach 444 euros If you leave the air conditioner running during the break. To avoid making this mistake, you should not lower your guard and watch for signs: if you do this, you can also stand in front of the sign without risking anything.

Prohibit parking and stopping by the hour

Free parking if you do

When you come across a no-parking zone and do not stop, do not go any further. But stop and read carefully what she says. These signs are usually accompanied by another white rectangular sign on which the times and days the ban is in effect are written. If there are no indicators, the general reference time is 8-22After ten o'clock in the evening, you will be quiet.

You should do the same thing if you return to your car and see a fine on the windshield. Before you pay for it, check carefully whether the ban is reported regularly and, above all, whether the times match. You will get a dispute though The mark is damaged to the point of rendering the time indications illegible.