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Weather News: Winter Storm Bettina over Eastern Europe.  Floods, missing people, blizzards, -32°C in Finland

Weather News: Winter Storm Bettina over Eastern Europe. Floods, missing people, blizzards, -32°C in Finland

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Storm Bettina over Eastern Europe
Storm Bettina over Eastern Europe

Update on Tuesday‘. Storm Bettina is slowly retreating over northeastern Europe, bringing recent snowfall to the Baltics. However, the climate remains very harsh in the Baltic Republics, Belarus, Ukraine and the neighboring Russian steppes, but also in Poland and Germany. Meanwhile, a new disturbance coming from the North Atlantic is affecting central Europe, pouring in a solid cushion of cold air that allows snow to fall all the way to the plains in Bavaria, with… Chips have been reported in Monaco. The most prominent frost at the European level remains in the Scandinavian countries, where temperatures drop to -33 degrees Celsius in Finland, and -33 degrees Celsius in Sweden.

Updated Monday. She was baptized Bettina The storm that crossed eastern Europe on Sunday from Greece to Ukraine, passing through the Black Sea, reached its center today on the Russian border, and on its way generated very serious effects among… Floods, snow storms and high winds Atlantic. Sunday in Greece, In the Aegean Sea, a commercial ship flying the Comoros flag, on its way from Egypt to Istanbul, sank off the island of Lesbos. Only one of the thirteen crew members was rescued thanks to the intervention of the Greek authorities’ helicopter The others are missing.

Ukraine was also affected Today, Sunday, the Crimean Peninsula witnessed very bad weather conditions, as heavy rains were accompanied by floods, strong winds, and storms, with power outages and floods. 500,000 people remained without electricityto. The coastal city of Ypatoria was particularly affected, with many residents forced to take refuge on the roofs of their flooded homes, waiting for help.

The frigid air feeding the heart of Betina, coming from Scandinavia and northern Russia, has led to the appearance of typical winter phenomena in the Balkan sector but above all In central and northern Ukraine and in Romania. Strong winds swirling around the center of the storm led to the appearance of… Snow storms with real snow storms Which led to a decrease in visibility to nearly zero. Firefighters in Romania had to make several interventions to remove trees from roads completely covered with snow, as they worked in harsh conditions.

In FinlandIn the core of the ice reservoir that feeds Betina, temperatures collapsed and reached minimums today in Lapland They dropped to -32 degrees Celsius. But even in the south of the country the climate is turning icy, with the capital Helsinki just recording minus 15 degrees Celsius.

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