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Was this the mysterious ninth planet?

Was this the mysterious ninth planet?

The elusive Planet Nine has already been seen – perhaps – and no one has noticed. Let’s talk about the elusive planet and some Astronomers hypothesized its existence for the first time (Looking for her for a long time), then Keep in mind that there was more than oneto resign, then, It may not be there at all.

Beyond Neptune. The “supporters” of Planet Nine are convinced that it must be in an orbit far from Neptune, on the outer limits of the Solar System.

This is suggested by the motions of some small bodies in the extremes of the solar system: their orbits, which are completely different from all other bodies in our system, can be justified by the presence of a super-Earth, with a mass at least five times greater. of our planet that affects them. But no concrete evidence was found.

Guide? Proposing a new hypothesis Michael Rowan Robinson (Imperial College London) The data was provided by a now defunct space telescope, the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (IRAS). The telescope was launched in 1983 and worked for nine months, the telescope observed the sky in the infrared, and discovered asteroids and comets.

Years ago, two researchers from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena hypothesized the existence of a species new planet At the extremes of the Kuiper belt, the outer edge of the system. The existence of Planet Nine was inferred based on the gravitational interference shown by other celestial bodies.
© NASA/JPL-Caltech

By re-analyzing the telescope data, Rowan Robinson discovered the presence of a previously neglected object, orbiting the supposed distance of Planet Nine. This object would have three to five times the mass of the Earth and would orbit the Sun at a distance 225 times greater than the Earth.

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What if she was a star? “The premise is very tempting,” said the researcher, commenting on i Results. However, the limitations of the telescope leave some uncertainty as to whether it is really a planet or something else. In particular, the “candidate” is close to the plane of our galaxy, the thick disk of our star-filled galaxy, some of which may look deceptively similar to the planets.

In white, the orbits of six objects in the Kuiper Belt whose “anomalousness” can be explained by the presence of Planet Nine, whose hypothetical orbit is painted here in red.

“But from what we have been able to verify, this object behaves just like a moving object, and therefore like a planet,” says Rowan Robinson.

I double. Mike Brown, of the California Institute of Technology, one of the scientists who proposed the existence of Planet Nine in 2016, says that although the study is interesting, it does not allow us to be 100% sure that we finally encounter Planet Nine. “This work is fantastic and I’m really happy that Rowan Robinson did this analysis,” Brown says.

But it also points to some weaknesses: this potential planet, in fact, does not quite fit the hypotheses established for the ninth planet … at the level of the solar system, ”explains Brown. In other words, he argues that, in fact, with these characteristics, it will not justify ” Mysterious Planet” gravitational disturbances on small bodies that indicate the presence of Planet Nine.

Let’s watch it. On the other hand, Rowan Robinson believes that the existence of this mysterious planet and the ninth planet would really be an unusual coincidence … So it will be necessary to exploit the “eyes” of as many telescopes as possible to truly understand what this planet is.

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