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They plan to build an elevator that connects Earth to space

They plan to build an elevator that connects Earth to space

A team of Japanese researchers is studying the possibility of building an elevator that connects Earth to space, in another attempt to create commercial space tourism.

Although the idea seems far-fetched, the research team at Nihon University led by Yoshio Aoki thinks so This space elevator could be made possible using the technology that humanity currently possesses.

Yoshio Aoki, Professor in the Department of Precision and Mechanical Engineering, College of Science and Technology, together with his team, performed strength, toughness and safety calculations for the construction of mechanical structures, in order to optimize the construction of elevator space.

This is what the space elevator project looks like:

For this group of experts, significant progress has been made in recent years making it possible to build it, and while the cost in terms of investment, resources and time will be significant, they believe it could be possible within a few years.

For its part, the Japanese Scientific Council proposed a “hybrid space elevator” approach, which involves developing one part on Earth and one in space at the same time.

Here is a video showing how the project works:

The space elevator will be an electric vehicle also called a “climber” Moving up and down an anchor between the Earth and the satellite in geostationary orbit, using another external anchor to balance the centrifugal force. The total length of the anchor will be 100,000 km.

Until 1991, getting a material strong enough to build an anchor was just science fiction, until the discovery of the mechanism of carbon nanotubes, a material light enough and theoretically strong enough to dictate an anchor.

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