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Volumes worth 1000 euros cleared: how to check

Volumes worth 1000 euros cleared: how to check

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Volumes worth 1,000 euros have been clearedRevenue agency You are allowed to check What is the debt between January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2015? Deleted. (Find out the latest news related to taxes and taxes and then Read on Telegram All news about INPS payments. Get the latest updates about rewards, personal finance and work on your mobile phone every day: enter whatsapp group it is in Facebook group. Follow us also on on instagram all your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on YouTube channel. To continue reading the article from your mobile, click on «Read on» after the image below).


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Knowing which old debts will be canceled and which won’t after the recent “tax amnesty” is important, also because confusion between slopes that are included in scrapping and those that are excluded. Especially after the back taxes to be paid to the municipalities (Imu, Tari and fines) will be i deliberate decision-making.

In this thread you can read a post that explains How to apply for cancellation of tax invoices; In another article we will tell you in detail What are the tax bills and who pays them; In another focus we do Some clarity about clearing up tax bills.

1,000 € folders scanned: why check?

Going to check your status with the Revenue and Collections Agency is never a mistake. Those who have to check if old debts of less than 1,000 euros have been cancelled, but also those who already know that they are not included in this partial financial peace should do so.

you find out custom page for taxes and taxes.

Indeed Not receiving tax bills It doesn’t mean that automatically There are no debts with taxes taxes.

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Volumes of €1,000 cleared: what is required

To verify it is necessary to have the usual credentials: Spid, National Service Card or Electronic Identity Card:

Let’s quickly repeat what it is:

  • spider It is the general system of digital identity. To obtain a Spid, it is necessary to apply to authorized Agid managers, the so-called “identity providers” who, after verifying the data, will issue the digital identity and release the credentials (username, password and temporary code);
  • LCElectronic identity card. “Enter with Cie” allows electronic ID holders to authenticate themselves to enabled online services in various ways from computer and phone;
  • National Service CharterIt is an integrated device issued by the chambers of commerce.

Liquidation of €1,000 notes: how to check them

If you have one of the three credentials, you can connect to the Revenue Agency’s website and enter the area for citizens and businesses.

In this section, the collection agency provides a series of services to taxpayers. Among these (but not only):

  • debt situation – consult and pay;
  • Debt installment
  • Collection suspension
  • easy definition.

Once you enter the private domain, if this is your first time, the portal will prompt you Create a personal profile. Simply enter your credentials and tax code.

after work sign inYou will find yourself in The first screen. To the left is a file existing That services made available to the taxpayer.

In this post, we will focus specifically on the pathways that are essential for the validation of an individual debt situation.

In practice, we will see how to find out each of the debts that have been contracted and which procedures have been opened by the Revenue Agency.

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Let’s see in detail.

Volumes of 1,000 Euros Cleared: The Debt Case

To check our suspension with the tax authorities, it will be necessary to enter the department “Debt situation – consult and pay”. It is possible to check all outstanding debts from the year 2000 (for previous tax bills – if they exist and have not already been reset – it will be necessary to contact the counter directly).

You can also check the Debt Status section:

  • payments already made;
  • payments to be made;
  • installment
  • ongoing procedures;
  • Tax bills to be paid.

After entering this section, you can choose from the drop-down menu whether to display your position (or company position). It will be necessary to enter:

  • tax law;
  • Select the province or provinces in which folders or push notifications are located.

At the bottom of the screen, there two symbols:

  • debts to be paid;
  • Paid debt.

It will be possible to check all outstanding amounts as well as any installment, suspension or exemption actions.

Clearing a file of 1000 euros: a credit institution

You can also check What is a lender? (revenue agency, municipality, district, etc.).

but also Initial debt and debt to be paid. In these two sections, you will also be able to make sure:

  • How much was the original debt?
  • How much is the debt to be paid (including any additional fees).

At this point, the button is located at the bottom of the screen “progress”. You have to click if you decide to full payment religion or you choose to ask about installment of the amount due.

If you click the icon “welded”Where screen will appear Debt settlement.

1,000 euro folders cleared: what to do

What to do if during the check, after downloading the account statement, you realize that they are there One or more tax invoices have not been notified?

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In this case, an action can be initiated Plea for not notifying.

must be submitted no later than 60 days Since the bank statement request.

It is clear whether there will also be some in the bank statement “specific folders” It will not be necessary to resume. This will only have to be carried out if the Agenzia delle Entrate and Collection Agency has submitted the notification and requested payment of the specified tax return.

The alternative is to file a Self-defense relief request.

Pictured is a man checking his tax bill

Volumes of 1000 euros cleared: what to offer

We remind you that the 2023 Budget Law provides for this Automatic cancellation (by March 31, 2023) of individual debts of up to €1,000 entrusted by state administrations, tax agencies and public social security bodies to the Revenue and Collection Agency.

The extract relates to the three cases pending on January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2015.

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