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Over 1 Million Hidden From Tax Authorities: YouTuber CiccioGamer89 is reported

Over 1 Million Hidden From Tax Authorities: YouTuber CiccioGamer89 is reported

Rome Regional Command funders made sure not to submit annual return for purposes Direct taxes and value added taxdespite the fact that the man received, through bank transfers from abroad, the fee derived from the simple display of the advertising banner (the so-called “impression banner”), transmitted on the YouTube channel, and from the opening of the advertised page (“banner click – tombstone “).

The investigators were able to reconstruct the analysis turnover of the entrepreneur And the community thanks to a careful analysis of the partnership contracts with the multimedia giant Google Ireland and with some sponsorship agencies. At the conclusion of the inspections, it was confirmed that direct taxes of more than 400,000 euros and value-added tax of about 160,000 euros had been neglected.

However, CiccioGamer89 denied all accusations. “I swear to you I’m not evasive – he said during a live broadcast -. I’ve always paid my F24s, always paid a lot of taxes and complained live but I don’t want to do like other people trying to hide. I want to talk about this thing. I’m falling from a pear tree.” The YouTuber posted some videos saying “Anyway, now I’m trying to understand how I can move better. I have always paid for everything, if I really had to be that person, because there is something somewhat mechanical behind it, namely that it is not necessarily me. I hear from a criminal lawyer. I keep you posted. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always paid for everything“.