Sunday, July 21, 2024

Uber is back home! Happy ending to the search dog AN carabinieri


Uber is finally back home: a tracing dog in training with the Abruzzo National Carabinieri Association was found last night in the Chieti River Park area, near Megalo, the same dog from which he disappeared about ten days ago.

His lover Lorenza DiNardo is very happy to give news of the discovery of the dog, a nine-month-old male of the bloodhound breed, thanking everyone who has spent the past few days tracking down an Uber.

The dog, tired and malnourished, is fine, reassuring the owner.

“In the same area where Uber went missing on July 28 — the Anc Abruzzo Regional Dog Service said in a Facebook post — he came back alive under the watchful eye of a family cheering up the summer heat with friends with lots of barbecues. What Uber has really been through in these 10 days. , only he really knows, we have made several hypotheses. In fact, this area has been restored by many volunteers for hours and hours, day and night, we suppose it was taken by anyone, we may be wrong or perhaps not, and if the matter Also, if our hypothesis isn’t so far fetched… that means that those who chased after Uber felt in turn that they were being chased, and set him free. We’ll never know the truth, but we trust in the fact that if he’s now in Lorenza’s arms, the credit is all yours! Understand” To you” as a “publishing community”, we would never imagine it in the various publications or reached great numbers, infinite visualizations and posts from all over Italy. Thank you all really! “.

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