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Vlahović does not open. Juventus change their strategy: Lukaku can arrive anyway, Allegri wants him | first page


Pending Dusan Vlahovic’s transfer, Romelu Lukaku’s diabolical plan to dress in black and white remains just a hypothesis. But it is Juventus who want to make sure it can be a reality, maybe not all of it but a good part. With Max Allegri leading the Big Room party, in effect, from Big Room at any cost. So much so that a new plan is being prepared, which could prompt Juventus to move in the direction of Lukaku without waiting for Vlahovic to be sold: a difficult plan, very difficult, almost impossible. But it is no longer impossible. Thus Allegri’s words also take on a different meaning regarding the difficulties of managing Vlahović in terms of fitness after the nightmare nightmare that shrouded him for a season and a half: In short, a central striker is needed anyway, despite the fact that someone might have different ideas at the club, and although the Giuntoli-Manna duo also continues to work on substitutes, between Turin and the United States, the whole of Juventus is still working to please Allegri who sees Lukaku as the best possible striker in his team. The plan – it’s all with the player and Sebastien Ledor, at the moment Lukaku is waiting for Juventus but this wait cannot be endless. Also because Saudi Arabia increases influence and Chelsea Each day that passes is considered a day wasted, and a showCrescent moon For more than 50 million, it is very accepted, even Juventus 40 million including bonuses will be accepted, but with Vlahović still in the team, it is not formalized. So Juventus is considering changing their strategy and proposal, trying to bring Lukaku to Turin anyway and then figuring out how to reshape the transfers. Possibly trying to persuade Chelsea to take out a loan at first, cThis is to hasten Lukaku’s departure towards Continassa. A new formula that has proven necessary given the difficulties of finding a new team in Vlahović, on everyone’s and nobody’s first-choice list, with all those doubts about his possessions at odds with the 70-80-90 million valuation that Juventus is doing.

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