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Vega OS arrives on the third generation Echo Show 5

Vega OS arrives on the third generation Echo Show 5

Amazon It doesn’t just develop its own operating system Android replacement on its devices, but it was already going to introduce it on its first product. The report concerns A Echo Show 3rd Generation 5 – It became official in mid-May and arrived in Italy at the end of the same month – Originally equipped with FireOS, but as soon as it was updated, report the wording in the settings OS1.1.

Whether it’s really about it Vega OS We’re not sure yet, but everything leads us to believe that this is what it is. What is certain is that the third generation FireOS in the Echo Show 5 no longer exists: all references to it are gone, and in any case, “OS1.1” refers to a completely different operating system.

There are two other pieces of evidence confirming the change: Code source The one mentioned on the official Amazon page is different and it is Compatibility is gone With Netflix, this is the latest sign that we’re dealing with an operating system that’s still in development.

Amazon’s move from FireOS to Vega OS is reminiscent of what Google did on its Nest Hub speakers from Cast OS to Fuchsia: in both cases the update happened silently. After all, the user experience is not expected to change much, and less experienced people may not notice what is happening.

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