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Ukraine, Russia and Biden vs. Putin: 'I don't change my mind'

Ukraine, Russia and Biden vs. Putin: ‘I don’t change my mind’

“I’m not apologizing. I don’t care what Vladimir Putin thinks.”. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, does not deny the words that were received in recent days, especially on Saturday in Warsaw. Referring to President Vladimir Putin, Biden called Kremlin No. 1 a “butcher” and later said that “this man cannot remain in power.” The White House then facilitated the president’s allegations, and Biden himself made clear that the speech made no mention of regime change in Moscow. “I’m not apologizing, I don’t care what Putin thinks.”

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“Given his recent behaviour, people should understand that he will continue to do as he deems necessary, period. He is unconditional by anyone, anyone by his advisors. He just follows his own pace and the idea that he can do something terrible. Because I have known him on His truth – says Bede – I don’t think he’s rational. “I was expressing the moral indignation that I felt at the way Putin and this man behaved,” he added.

Asked about his desire to meet the Russian president, Biden said it “depends on what he wants to talk about” and stressed, without going into details, that there would be a “real response” to a possible chemical attack on the part of Russia.

Biden then reiterated that “NATO was not as strong as it is today” and added that he was “not at all concerned” that his comments might exacerbate the conflict or weaken NATO.