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Maria Laura Catalano e Chiara Mastrodonato ai Giochi Matematici della Bocconi

Two students from Bisglei at the Bocconi Athletic Games finals photos

Maria Laura Catalano and Chiara Mastrodonato at Bocconi Mathematical Games © nc

On Saturday 14 May, the National Final of the XXIX International Athletics Championships was held at the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan, where – as every year – the best students ranked in previous local competitions measured themselves in sports tests. From different schools and cities in Italy.

Representative of the Scientific High School “L. da Vinci” of Bisceglie, students MARIA LAURA CATALANO, attending class 2B, who have competed in class L1 (for students of the second, third and fourth grades), CHIARA MASTRODONATO, attending class 1B and competing in class C2 (for students of class C2 8th grade and 1st high school.Gianmario Verona, addressing all the young people present in the university lecture hall and congratulating them for being there, after the difficult years of the epidemic, for proving that they know how to “enjoy” mathematics with skill and intelligence.

Both students, students of Prof. Issa Colamatino, mathematics teacher at the city’s secondary school, were able to live this beautiful experience thanks to the project “Giochi Matematici – Bocconi”, followed by Prof. Angela Colamatino, teacher of mathematics and physics.

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