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Do you suffer from recurring ulcers?  Your oral health will be safe with these supplements: science is sure of it

Do you suffer from recurring ulcers? Your oral health will be safe with these supplements: science is sure of it

Not only do sores, gingivitis, and tooth decay undermine oral health, they are also a sign that something is wrong with the body.

If at a certain point we notice that disorders such as canker sores, bleeding gums, or other dental problems appear frequently in the mouth, we are not only facing poor oral hygiene, or not only at least. The bacterial load that builds up in the mouth can be caused by other imbalances.

Therefore, fighting the problem from its roots is not only necessary Go to the dentist or improve hygiene practicesma Investigate further and find out why your oral health is deteriorating. According to experts, there is a very simple solution.

Use these supplements, they are also beneficial for your oral health: goodbye canker sores and gingivitis

Microorganisms play an essential role in the health and well-being of an organism; The bacterial load is present in the intestines, but also on the skin and in the mouth, but they are “good” bacteria that work to protect us from attack by harmful organisms.

Probiotics also help fight oral health problems –

By increasing the health of the microorganisms, we can raise our immune defenses and counter the action of the microorganisms Pathogenic bacteria, those that cause – among other things – canker sores, tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontitis And other disorders affecting the oral cavity.

Therefore, supplementing your diet with probiotics can solve problems at their roots, although oral hygiene practices and visiting the dentist should not be ruled out.

Experts have even identified some probiotics to combat specific problems. For example, Tooth decay occurs due to the harmful activity of many bacteriaincluding him Streptococcus mutans Certain bacterial strains appear to be able to fight it, including:

  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. Parakasi
  • to. Of milk
  • Misery spp

Turning to other gum diseases, such as gingivitis and gingivitis, experts point out that these diseases result from the accumulation of plaque, and therefore the best solution is to increase oral hygiene. But that's not all because It appears that probiotics can combat plaque formation, thus reducing risks. In particular, good bacteria like this LactobacilliIt can contribute significantly to combating the onset of inflammation and thus also the annoying phenomenon of bleeding gums.

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Currently, in addition to specific nutritional supplements containing probiotics, there are also proprietary supplements Gum containing L. ReuteriIt is a probiotic that, in some tests, has allowed some gingivitis patients to improve the condition.