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This is the country where 5 star hotels cost hostels, and you can book right away

This is the country where 5 star hotels cost hostels, and you can book right away

For those who have not decided where to go on vacation at this time, well, there is a practical and unbeatable option: a peaceful, beautiful and warm country all year round, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and a good nightlife. Not only that: it’s also the country with the cheapest housing in the world.

Which country are we talking about? But from Indonesia of course. Of course, even countries like Thailand and Vietnam have very low prices for us Europeans, but nothing can compete with the legendary Asian archipelago, which includes Bali, Jakarta and many other paradisiacal islands.

Just make a jump on Airbnb, one of the most used websites in the world, for the sheer quality, beauty and diversity of Indonesian hotels. Not to mention the resorts and private homes with a pool and those that in addition to the pool also have a Jacuzzi, a private pagoda, views of the rice fields and huge verandas for breakfast. All this, almost always, for less than 30 euros a night.

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In Indonesia, and particularly in Bali, tourism is particularly standardized and safe. To get around there are scooters, chauffeurs and taxi drivers who can also be booked for the whole day, at minimal costs.

The quality of life on an island like Bali is very high, and among the unmissable beauties, the simple one really stands out: the food, especially the fruit, is very tasty and delicious. But in addition to the cooking aspect, and the great savings that tourists are guaranteed, there is also the beauty of the tropical island which is among the richest islands in the world in terms of fauna and flora.

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In short, Bali and Indonesia are ideal destinations for those traveling in the fall and winter months. The reason, in addition to climate and beauty, is quite simple: everything costs very little, and it is really convenient.