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Pilots who sleep while flying, a precedent in the history of aviation. “Passed landing airports”


Rome – Pilot (first officer) sleeps legally because his rest time was planned. The other pilot, the captain, was a stroke victim. It is one of the hypotheses that ETA Airlines He went on to explain the condition of his flight 609 from New York on April 30: That night the two pilots were on the plane They didn’t answer the calls to the radar station in Marseille for a few minutes While flying over southern France. The commander denies any wrongdoing and also denies napping.

While waiting for the facts to be definitively clarified, it helps to remember this Both pilots are sleeping An airplane is a condition that has occurred at other times in the history of civil aviation, sometimes thanks to grueling transformations. Here are some precedents.

Hawaii (2008)

In 2008, sleep affected the pilots of one of them severely Hawaiian Airlines, in the United States, That plane goes further. The plane passes Hilo, where it was supposed to land, and does so for fifteen miles. When the pilots wake up, they must return the plane to the ground (with 40 passengers).

The two pilots were separated by the carrier, although one of them will be affected by a serious pathology – Sleep Apnea Which blocks the airways when sleeping.

Minneapolis (2009)

In 2009, the case for the flight of an American aircraft carrier was even more exciting. Meanwhile, arrival airport (Minneapolis – St. Paul) Lost over 150 miles. Above all, the absence of radio contact with the pilots led to a red alert because we are just a few years after the 9/11 attacks.

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If the situation is revealed in 2009, this is crucial Two more planes enter Which express the path now. Pilots of these two other aircraft can communicate with their sleeping colleagues on a specific frequency that allows direct dialogue between civilian vehicles in the sky, if they are close to each other.

to justify their behaviour, The accused pilots will claim to be distracted Because they are participating in a very lively discussion.

London (2013)

In 2013, two English company pilots – whose names are not known – drowned after entering the autopilot. british newspaper the sun Obtains proof of facts from the British Civil Aviation Authority, which submits a request to access documents through Freedom of Information ActLaw to protect transparency and free information.

the sunAnd the A tabloid known for its irreverent styleHe writes: “Dear passengers, we are pleased to inform you that your captain is asleep.” After the article, controversy flared up in the country precisely about the transformations that pilots undergo.

Crete (2013)

Also in 2013, an unusual problem – Thanks to the need to go to the bathroom – Happening on board a company low cost Which takes dozens of tourists from the Netherlands to Crete on a Boeing 737. One of the pilots exits the cabin and heads to the toilet. Apparently he closes the cockpit door from behind him as per security procedures.

When he tries to return, he finds the other pilot asleep and thus cannot open the door for him. The first pilot was able to return to the cabin – writes to the Dutch Aviation Safety Authority (OVV) – thanks to a Unusual security maneuver opens access.

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Santorini (2016)

In 2016, Charter flight of an American airline – Traveling from Frankfurt (Germany) to Kuwait – unexpectedly entered the airspace of Greece, where it was not expected to cross. Greek authorities removed two F-16 fighter jets that had intercepted the charter on the island of Santorini.

Military pilots watching the cockpit. They make sure of it There are no kidnappers inside It was reported that chartered pilots, in their opinion, are simply asleep. Thanks to a series of light signals, military pilots attract the attention of flight attendants and flight attendants, who wake up the captain and chief officer of the charter.

Greece will ask the charter company bear the costs – not insignificant – for the mission of its F-16s.


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