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The words of Marotta and Farris unleash the web

The words of Marotta and Farris unleash the web

After being acquitted of the racist statements directed against him by Juan Jesus, Immature He took to the field regularly in the home match between Inter and Empoli. Defended and (apparently) spoiled Marotta And by Inzaghi's voiceless deputy – Knight – In the pre- and post-match match, the Nerazzurri defender once again found himself at the center of controversy on social media. The proof of this is that the issue is still an open wound.

Inter, Acerbe starts against Empoli: the defender the club is defending

Before the start of the match, the CEO of Inter Baby Marotta It has finally come out into the open The case of Acerbe Juan Jesus: “We have been deliberately silentBecause it is still a bitter page. He told us his truth, we had no doubt and the referee must be respected. Acerbe is accustomed to facing life with great determination, He had serious health problems: he is a man with a capital U“. Deputy Inzaghi is on the same wavelength, Massimiliano Knight“When he told us that he did not utter racist statements, We stood by him. I know him since I was at Lazio and he is a very good man.”

This is a position taken by Marotta, but it does not express the club’s dissatisfaction with how the player handled the issue and how he dealt with the matter in the media. He did not like the interview given by Corriere della Sera, which had not been agreed with the club, and his future at Inter would be in great danger.

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However, there is still controversy on social media about Acerbe: Knight in the Crossfire

Meanwhile, the stance taken by Marotta and Varies has not gone down well with the majority of users who do not support Inter. “We understand that he is not a racist. Just as we understand that he missed this phrase, just look at the photos in which he says that he is not a 'racist,'” he commented on X Matteo. “If fares are guaranteed, we apologize for the doubt“Mr. Gian Carlo joked. “Yes, but what did he apologize for? It follows that Is Juan Jesus a liar?Auronzo tweeted.

Marotta and Acerbe's health problems: a rain of criticism

What is the relationship between health problems and racism?Chiara asks, referring to the words Marotta said in front of Inter Empoli. “The axiom that ‘being cured of cancer = necessarily a good person’ blows my mind every time I read it,” Matteo adds. “They destroyed him,” Anto writes again, “and should have forced him to tell the truth, but instead they preferred the racist behavior of the liar.” “Such terrifying words,” Nick says. “Doesn't mean that if you have cancer, that doesn't excuse you from acting like…We've all been there…with me, just take a step back and apologize. “That's what guys with a big U do,” comments Alan Grant.

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