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Sports ministers in 33 countries call for sanctions against Russia

The sports ministers of 33 countries signed a joint declaration calling for the suspension of Russia and Belarus from international sports organizations and the ban on television broadcasting of international sports competitions in these countries: this was announced by the Minister of Sports and Tourism. Poland, full Bortnizok, during a briefing, according to TASS. According to the minister, the statement refers to “restrictions that should affect athletes from Russia and Belarus in the context of what has been happening in Ukraine in recent months.”

Such a measure would be necessary, the Polish minister said, “because cases are similar to those that occur in team bobsleigh and skeletal, which may open the doors to the return of the Russian federations, Russian and Belarusian athletes in international sports.” “We demand the suspension of the membership of Russian and Belarusian sports federations in international organizations, we demand the exclusion of representatives of Russia and Belarus from the governing bodies of international federations, and television broadcasting of international sports competitions on Russia and Belarus. Territories will be suspended,” Bortniczuk said. The declaration was signed by 25 EU countries (except for Bulgaria and Hungary) and ministers from the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Canada.

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