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“The United States are traitors”


And die cast. The plane carrying the leader of the Washington house Nancy Pelosi And five other deputies, disembarked last night (16:30 in Italy) a Taipeithe capital of the archipelago Taiwan. The stoppage of the Asian trip for US politicians comes against the will of the Beijing government, which claims territorial sovereignty over Taiwan, and despite repeated threats by the Chinese foreign ministry against what is seen as a provocation and encouragement of separatist ambitions. islanders. The visit raises the level of tension between the two major world powers, waiting to be seen already today what could be the “appropriate response” promised by President Xi Jimping.

pink vs red

Nancy Pelosi, the third-largest corporate authority in the United States, got off the plane in a pink suit, maliciously interpreted as the first slap in the red flag for China. However, a less well-known sign in Beijing was the one displayed as good evidence of the aircraft’s tarmac, with stars and stripes decoration on the fuselage. A symbolism that Pelosi herself referred to in a letter published by the Washington Post when the plane landed on the Pacific island, in which she claims the United States’ willingness to support the Taiwanese population “against China’s accelerating aggression” and “in defense of itself and its freedom.”

Nancy Pelosi, the (hostile) relationship and the Tiananmen precedent: Here’s what her landing in Taiwan means

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Since the resumption of relations between Washington and Beijing in 1979, the United States has begun supplying Taiwan with weapons, from F15 and F16 bombers to Patriot missiles, as well as helicopters, submarines and tank howitzers. However, no other leader in the House of Representatives made it to the island after 1997, when it was the turn of Republican Newt Gingrich. The Chinese are angry. A State Department memo defines the event as a “serious violation of Chinese sovereignty, with a serious impact on the foundations of US-China relations.” As previously announced, military exercises immediately began across the Taiwan Strait, with ships, military aircraft and long-range artillery strikes being deployed as “targeted exercises”. In fact, August 1 marks the ritual celebration of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army, of which Xi himself is the commander in chief, and the attendant exacerbation of tensions that are already very violent.

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The Ambassador of the People’s Republic in Washington told CNN that Pelosi’s choice to confirm the stop in Taipei is an insult to all his countrymen. The embarrassment will be stronger today, when the American delegation will visit the Parliament of the Republic of China (Republic of China, or refugees from the Chinese mainland, after the defeat of 1949 by the Communist Party), and then they will be received. by President Tsai Ing-wen.

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Nancy Pelosi, the (hostile) relationship and the Tiananmen precedent: Here’s what her landing in Taiwan means

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There is a risk that the tension could spark a spark between the Chinese Air Force, which closely patrols the archipelago (yesterday the fighters rose, too), and the US Navy, which is providing defensive support for the mission. . Joe Biden would have preferred to cancel the leg of the trip (although CNN’s national security spokesman John Kirby reiterated that Pelosi’s trip was his “right”), but Pelosi’s challenge secured approval by at least 28 Republican lawmakers who signed off on his decision to go ahead. ahead. Shi might be tempted to force his hand back, but he also had good reason not to. The Chinese president is on the cusp of an extraordinary mandate to extend his power for a third term, possibly some kind of dedication to leadership for life. The last thing you need right now is the start of an international crisis.

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