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USA: Giuliani is sentenced to pay $148 million: The accusations against officials regarding vote collection in Georgia are false.

USA: Giuliani is sentenced to pay $148 million: The accusations against officials regarding vote collection in Georgia are false.

New York – Rudy Giuliania comprehensive lawyer from Donald TrumpHe will have to pay Compensation amounting to $148 million To two poll workers in Georgia who sued him because they were falsely accused of it Distortion of the 2020 presidential elections. This was established by a federal court in Washington, DC. The former New York mayor, one of the biggest proponents of the fraud allegations, was one of the defendants in the defamation trial that began on Monday. The two maids at the polls, Robbie Freeman and Wandrea Arshay Moss, they argued in court how Giuliani’s accusations had destroyed their reputations, and ended up subjecting them to a barrage of insults and threats. In 2020, Trump’s former lawyer released a video taken from an internal camera of a polling station in Fulton County, Georgia, to show how… Two women fraudulently scanned ballotsto set sounds to Joe Biden. An investigation conducted by the local administration found no anomalies. A representative for the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, which is run by a Republican, called the allegations “false and inconsistent.”

The popular jury, consisting of eight people, reached a guilty verdict after about eight hours of deliberations. Lawyers for the two women had asked for a total of $47 million in damages, roughly $24 each, but the judge’s ruling was much harsher: $73 million will be allocated for moral damages and emotional trauma inflicted on the victims, in addition to $75 million for improper conduct.. There are currently no photos of Giuliani’s emotional reaction when the sentence was read. The words said outside the court remain: “I am sure – as the former mayor of New York declared – that an impartial court will overturn the decision.”

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His lawyer has announced that he will do so gravityBut the question everyone is asking now is just one: Does the former Iron Prosecutor have the money to pay reparations? In fact, we don’t know, and no one knows. The Washington Post itself tried to shed light on Giuliani’s origins, but did not find any information. Trump’s former lawyer has always refused to provide information, and the court will not know the extent of his wealth. He always declared that he ended up bankrupt, also because of a costly divorce. The apartment in Manhattan, near Central Park, worth $6.5 million, went up for sale in the summer, and his former lawyer sued him for non-payment of a $1.3 million fee.

Trump card brought, in recent months, 350 thousand dollars Through the businessman’s political committee, he held a $100,000 admission dinner at his New Jersey resort to raise money for his old friend. But it seems that the event did not go well. In the final stages of the trial, one of the two lawyers reminded jurors how Giuliani continued to appear on television and had a contract as a regular guest on the right-wing network Newsmax. The bankruptcy filing loophole will not apply to this case. According to some human rights activists interviewed by the American media, defamation is not among the items included in bankruptcy.