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The princes of Monaco are more and more alone, Christmas without Alberto and Charlene


The closer the birthday, the more i Princes of Monaco They feel lonely. Next to CharleneAnd He is still in hospital in SwitzerlandThis time my dad was missing from the public event in Monaco Alberto and then Jack and Gabriella They had to settle for their aunt’s company Stephanie To attend the much-awaited tree lighting scheduled for today.

Christmas without Alberto and Charlene

The atmosphere should have been festive and perhaps for all the children who flocked to the courtyard of the palace to receive the gifts which were distributed by the princely family as it were. But for the twins, the day was more sad than expected, due to the sudden absence of their father, who had to entrust their sister with the task of caring for the young.

Apparently grieving for the lack of parents, the children did their best to appear kind and helpful to everyone. Fortunately, the princess was by their side Stephanie And his daughter, Camille Gottlieb, who tried to make the two princes feel less alone, and held a special embrace for the young heir to the throne, Jack, who melted the hearts of those present.

Charlene Social Greetings

The distance with the mother has become unbearable for the children, who last week had to celebrate their seventh birthday without Charlene. They didn’t help Princess Greetings via social media To put the smile back on the kids’ faces, the little ones today seemed really inconsolable.

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